Quinine hair tonic

Original Slovak hair tonic with a fair dose of natural quinine stopping hairloss and promoting hair growth

The added salt from the Dead Sea intensively hydrates and regenerates the scalp.

Professional applicator for precise and efficient dosing.




Preservative based on alcohol is evaporated in a few minutes.

chinínove tonikum na vlasy

Quinine stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, activates the hair roots, which promotes hair growth and regulates excessive hairloss.


Promotes blood microcirculation, strengthens the hair keratin thickness and vitality of hair.


Rapeseed oil extract helps to keep hair hydrated, soft and flexible.


Designed in the bathroom, so ...

chinínové tonikum

The closure at the end of the applicator is easy to open


You can apply on both wet and dry scalp. Thanks to the accuracy of dosing tonic goes exactly where it belongs - to the hair roots and does not wet the hair unnecessarily


Cylindrical shape "fits in the hand"


No chemical dyes - Natural color of the extract of red cinchona succirubra can be seen through the transparent applicator

The only known Quinine hair tonic in EU without parabens, MCI/MI or bronopol preservatives, what is very important for user safety in non-washable hair products.